Know the Location of the Puke Bag

You would think that this is something obvious or unnecessary. But guys, when you’re on an airplane, KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE NEAREST PUKE BAG. BECAUSE SOMETIME STUFF HAPPENS.

I going┬áto the Atacama desert where my friend and I were about to have 3 full days jam packed with excursions and tours. I was so psyched — I had heard so many awesome things about the desert, and you can live in Chile for only so long without hearing of all the wonders of the desert.

My friend and I had gotten to the airport without incident, made it through security and were waiting at our gate. We got a little hungry, and spotted a McDonald’s right next to us. Now the last time I had had McDonald’s at an airport, I had gotten just a smidgen/a lot nauseous on the airplane on the way to Santiago from the States, but I wasn’t worried about that. I was fine. It was fine. I got a fries and a double cheeseburger.

We were on the plane and had taken off and I noticed that I was a little nauseated. I ignored it, closed my eyes, and dozed for a while. Then, ten minutes before the plan was about to descend, disaster struck. My eyes flew open. I made eye contact with my friend next to me. She asked if I was okay. I shook my head and started to frantically try to get out of the seat to try and make it to the bathroom. She grabbed for the nearest puke bag and shoved it in front of me.

It was too late. It was mortifying. You have never known true mortification until you are sitting on a very crowded airplane covered in your own vomit. I hope you never have to know this level of mortification. Thank god for nice people because everyone was handing me towels and napkins, trying to help me out and get rid of the stench. And then we had to land. So I couldn’t go to the bathroom and clean up. I had to sit there. In the middle of the mess I made. And just wonder why do bad things happen to good people.

I ended up having to throw away the jacket and pants that I was wearing. I had only one more pair of pants for that weekend. Overpack. Don’t underpack. And know where your nearest puke bag is.

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