I Need to Do More Research

For the October meeting of the International Business Association, we hosted Dr. Margaret Shaffer, a professor of international business here at the Price College of Business. During her lecture to us, we learned a lot about Dr. Shaffer’s history and international dealings. Dr. Shaffer is from the United States – she went to Indiana University where she majored in psychology and sociology. She was a professor of management at Hong Kong Baptist University as well as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and she lived in Hong Kong for many years. She and her husband lived in Hong Kong for so long that they actually were able to apply for and obtain permanent residency or right of abode. This meeting was really interesting for me because it highlighted how much I don’t know about Asia. This is kind of embarrassing considering both of my parents lived for extended periods of time in Asian countries (my mother was in the Peace Corps in Thailand and my father worked as an expat in multiple Asian countries). I didn’t even realize that English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong (if you are as ill-informed as I was, Hong Kong’s two official languages are English and Chinese). I also didn’t realize how different living arrangements in Hong Kong are compared to the suburbs of the United States. Since Hong Kong is so small, apartments are the norm, and housing is very expensive. Dr. Shaffer lived on an island outside of the city. She would bike everywhere and take public transportation to wherever she needed to go (including a boat ride to the main land so that she could get to the university at which she worked. This meeting made me realize that I really need to learn more about different parts of the world besides the Western world and Chile.

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