Cheese Pizza is Good, but Variety is Better

Okay y’all. FOOD IS AWESOME. I think we can all agree on that. There are so many different textures and temperatures and colors and flavors. However, there are some people out there who aren’t the best at trying all of the different foods that are out there. I have a friend who went to England and wasn’t able to eat any of the English food there because it wasn’t Domino’s or Chick-fil-A.

When I went abroad, I was of the opinion that I liked all food except for some types of seafood. I told myself that I would at least try everything and I wouldn’t eat the same thing multiple times. I was going to be adventurous. I was going to try new things. Wow, okay, guys – don’t do what I did! For the first three weeks that I was in Italy, I ate cheese pizza and one type of piadina. That’s it. I didn’t go shopping for any groceries, I didn’t eat any red meat, and I don’t think I ate one single green thing during those first three weeks. I was so scared of getting something that I wouldn’t like that I didn’t step outside my comfort zone at all.

Then my friends forced me to go to a restaurant that I had never been to that didn’t serve pizza or piadinas. I ended up having to get some sort of tomato, bread, and cucumber concoction and pasta. This tomato, bread, and cucumber thing really changed my way of thinking. Before this concoction, I didn’t really like tomatoes. I ate ketchup, and that counted as tomatoes for me. But I decided to eat the thing. I was in Italy, I was going to eat fresh things and gosh danggit I was going to like it. And surprise, surprise…. I liked it. It took some slight opening-of-the-mind (I was expecting ketchup for some reason, and it really wasn’t ketchup), but it turned out to be delicious.

After that experience, I was able to expand my horizons, and I actually ate green things, meat, and no more pizza! To this day, I still eat tomatoes – and not just ketchup. So guys, please don’t be like me. Please eat more than cheese pizza when you go abroad. You’ll thank yourself later.

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